Decoration Methods, Simplified: Part II

  • Jun 23, 2024

In our recent post Decoration Methods, Simplified: Part I, we introduced you to several different types of decoration methods for promotional products. Because there are SO many options, now we’re bringing you Part II, where we’ll cover even more ways your customers can add their personal charm to their promo!

Featured decoration methods in this blog include:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Digital Printing
  • 3D Puff Embroidery
  • Pad Printing
  • Applique Embroidery
  • Vinyl Transfer

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process in which a metallic or pigmented foil is heated with a magnesium dye and then stamped with enough pressure to seal a thin layer of foil to the surface. Metallic foils are typically gold or silver; pigmented ones are most commonly red or black.

  • Perfect for custom stationery, business cards, and invitations. Not suitable for apparel.
foil journal
Classic Cover Medium NotePad
foil folder
Foil-Stamped 2 Pocket Folder
tote bag
Foil Stamp Tote Bag

What is Digital Printing?

You can think about digital printing, or direct-to-garment printing, as a similar process to printing a document from your computer. An image is created with no restraints to the number of colors or type of artwork used, and the image is printed or affixed directly onto the material. With embroidery and screen printing, you are dealing with physical resources (thread and ink) to create a logo; with digital printing, full-color, high-definition logos can be done economically, even in small quantities.

  • Great for smaller order sizes.
Full Color Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Ladies Racerback Top

phone stand
Phone Stand

3D Puff Embroidery

3D puff embroidery is done by placing a foam pad, or “puff”, onto a product and then having an embroidery machine sew an outline of a logo or design. Once this is complete, the excess proof is removed around the outside of the embroidered outline, and now it’s a 3D design!

  • Ideal for custom hats, sweatshirts, and workwear. Not suitable for lightweight fabrics.
Chino Twill Cap

Cuff Toque Beanie

Striped Knit Scarf

What is Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a decoration technique in which ink is transferred from a silicone pad onto the desired surface. The pad printing process can be thought of as a more advanced version of stamping – a pad with ink is pressed onto the product and then left to air dry.

  • Great for unusual-shaped objects, ice packs, golf balls, and stress balls.
stress ball
Popper Ball

phone case
Popper Silicone Phone Wallet

ice pack
Hot/Cold Pack

What is Laser Applique Embroidery?

Laser applique embroidery, also known as digital applique, combines the 3D texture of embroidery with the visual impact of full-color printing to create something different and unique. This method uses a process that allows an imprint of full-color photo images directly onto a single layer of twill.

  • Terrific for custom hoodies, jackets, uniforms, and team wear.
Women’s Full-Zip Sweater Fleece Jacket

Scarf with Elite Fringe

Vansport Zen Pullover Shirt

What is Vinyl Transfer?

This transfer process uses heat to activate and attach a vinyl sticker to a fabric. Vinyl is soft to the touch with great stretch and is durable enough for sportswear.

• Ideal for custom t-shirts, activewear, hoodies, and backpacks.

Removable Die Cut Decal Stickers

Tabletop Banner Stand with Vinyl Graphic

Circle Sticker White Vinyl

Decoration methods are key to the successful personalization of promotional products. Without them, we would live in a brandless, imageless world!

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